Hot wind current from the ACA blast of warm air is the last thing you need from your AC during mid-year. However, that is a precisely exact thing that happens when there’s an issue with your unit’s evaporator loop. Responsible for pulling in hot and humidity from the air inside your home, the evaporator coil is loaded up with coolant. On the off chance that dust develops on the coil, the wind stream is limited which brings about an intense cooling impact and, in a flash, ice structures on its surface. This messes up the cooling cycle and thusly prompts your AC to smother hot air as opposed to cool air.

An impermanent fix to this issue could be to defrost the ice on the condenser coil. Assuming your unit has a committed thaw-out or self-cleaning mode, try to set that from setting. On the off chance that your AC doesn’t have that setting, take a stab at putting it on fan mode for 30 minutes or closing it down for the time being and check on the off chance that your AC begins working appropriately once more. On the off chance that it doesn’t, this demonstrates a more difficult issue with your AC. Presently, now is the ideal time to call the best AC repair company in Delhi! HF Technology offers cost-effective home appliances repair services in Delhi. Our experienced technicians provide 24*7 best proficient home appliances repair services like AC repair service, washing machine repair, and fridge repair, in Delhi and NCR at the most affordable cost. Contact us at 9999858851 or visit

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