LG and Godrej Fridge Bulb 2 Watt Mini E12


220v 2 Watt Mini E12 LED Light Lamp Bulb Compatible with LG and Godrej Fridge Bulb (White)

  • Refrigerator LED bulb E12 compatible with Godrej, LG fridge, and all refrigerators but base size E12 only
  • Its LED Bulb use all type of lamp like table lamp, study lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, side lamp, club lamp, buffet lamp, arched lamp, tree lamp, shelf lamp, etc and base type of E12 model only
  • this led bulb power is 2 watt Lumens 140-150lm voltage 220-240 V AC type
  • This led bulb is of very low power which saves your electricity. the light of this led bulb is much higher than the light of a normal led bulb and its CORRELATED COLOR TEMPERATURE (CCT) is 6500K. and the life of the led bulb 28,000 hours


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