M-266 Digital Clamp meter


  • Ac current: Range(200a and 1000a), accuracy ±(3 percent reading +5 digits) 800 a, unspecified. Frequency response: 50 60hz
  • Dc voltage: Range (1000v), accuracy ±(0.8 percent reading +1 digits), ac voltage: Range (750v), accuracy ±(1.2 percent reading +4 digits), frequency response: 50 400hz
  • Resistance: Range (200 And 20k,), accuracy: 200 Range ±(1 percent reading + 3digits) and 20k Range ±(1 percent reading + 1digits), insulation resistance: Range (20m And 2000m,), accuracy: 20m Range ±(2 percent reading + 2digits) and 2000m: 500m, ±(4 percent reading + 2digits) 500m, ±(5 percent reading + 2digits)
  • Continuity test: In 200 Range, when resistance is below 75 Buzzer will sound, dcv and acv input impedance: 9m
  • Accessories supplied: Test leads, operating manual, and battery(installed/kept aside)


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