Purifit Washing Machine Filter


Purifit Washing Machine Filter Protects from Hard Water & Limescale (Quantity 1 Pc)

  • Purift washing filter protects your washing machine, just like how a water purifier protects you from harmful chemicals. Purifit secures your washing machine from lime scales caused by hard water and other impurities using high-grade polyphosphate crystals. Note: These crystals are in broken form instead of round form to increase their efficiency.
  • Have you ever felt that your dress looks dull and the fabric has lost its shininess after washing it in your washing machine? Not anymore, our filter reduces the effect of lime scales on your dresses. Thus retaining its color and softness! Note: Purifit washing machine filter doesn’t reduce Iron content in water.
  • Prevention is better than cure! A typical service/repair of your washing machine costs you, maybe more than that. Invest in protective measures. Experts suggest that water quality worsens day by day!!
  • Purifit fits automatic washing machines. Easy to install – no tools required. The installation video link is given in the user manual. Long Cartridge Life- Top Load: Up to 6 months; Front Load: Up to 9 months; Material: ABS plastic
  • Package Content: 1 Washing filter, 2 silicone rings, and 1 Teflon tape


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